Advisory Body

The aim of the Advisory Body is to bring together representatives of bodies who use, operate in or have an interest in the Gloucester Harbour within a framework which enables them to consider matters substantially affecting the management, maintenance, improvement, conservation or regulation of the Gloucester Harbour and its navigation.  The Advisory Body, therefore, provides a useful forum for members to exchange views and question trustees and their officers on any matters of concern.

However, unlike the majority of harbour authorities, GHT does not own or operate any port facilities. The harbour is thus, basically, a stretch of water in a predominantly rural area with few adjacent communities or other interests that might be affected by the day-to-day activities of GHT.  As a result, active interest in the Advisory Body has dwindled in recent years and there have been fewer meetings.  However, a report on GHT’s activities is circulated twice a year and representatives from local organisations such as sailing clubs and other recreational users, local commercial maritime interests, fishery interests and local councils, are invited to join the Trustees at the annual stakeholder lunch.

We welcome comments from any of our stakeholders, both specialists and the general public, and aim to respond to concerns as quickly as possible. 

Recent reports may be read by selecting the appropriate link below.