Notices to Mariners

From time to time, local Notices to Mariners relating, in general, to matters which may affect navigation and safety within the Gloucester Harbour, are promulgated by the Gloucester Harbour Trustees. Local Notices to Mariners are presently distributed to over sixty organisations and individuals, including shipping agents, the Coastguard, yacht clubs and others. You may also use the facility on our home page to sign up to be notified of new Notices.

The texts of all current Notices may be viewed or downloaded using the following links. Copies may also be obtained from the Trustees' office at Sharpness, to which notification of navigational problems may also be made.    

7/2020      Second Severn Crossing/Prince of Wales Bridge RACON discontinued

6/2020    Notice 4/2020 cancelled

5/2020     Pilot Embarkation - Additional Procedures

4/2020     Approaches to Sharpness Dock - temporary variation in underkeel clearance requirements

3/2020       Floating Debris - Upper Severn Estuary

2/2020       Changing Depths - Upper Severn Estuary

1/2020       Notices in Force at 1st January 2020

6/2019         River Severn - Eastern Parting - Gloucester - obstructions to navigation

4/2019          Haywards Rock lighted beacon - change of character

3/2019          Charston Rock light temporarily extinguished (self-cancelling)

2/2019     Importance of communication - ALL VESSELS but particularly recreational and leisure craft

1/2019          Notices to Mariners in force at 1st January 2019

5/2018          Towage Guidelines and Requirements - ALL VESSELS

4/2018          Counts Beacon change of character; Sharpness Fog Signal change of character and position

3/2018          Discontinuation of Aust Pylon lighting

2/2018          Consultation, Aust Pylon lighting

3/2017     Amendment to NtM no. 2 - River Severn - shoaling areas, Slimeroad Sand

2/2017          River Severn, shoaling areas, Slimeroad Sand

2/2016         Navigation through the Bull Channel

7/2015    River Severn, Gloucester – obstructions to navigation, Lower Parting

6/2014    Pilotage service – information required for non-commercial craft

2/2103          Pilot Ordering Procedures

3/2012    Severn Estuary – Important Information for Yachtsmen: Corrections to Local Cruising Guide