Port Marine Safety Code

The ‘Port Marine Safety Code’ (the Code) sets out a national standard for every aspect of port marine safety. Its aim is to enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the port marine environment. It applies to all harbour authorities and other marine facilities, berths and terminals in the UK.

Gloucester Harbour Trustees has carried out risk assessment of all the activities in which it is involved and has produced a Safety Management Plan. The assessments and the Plan are regularly reviewed, and compliance with the Code is assessed annually by an independent auditor and the findings reported to the board and, where necessary, remedial actions are taken.

Confirmation of the Trustees' compliance with the Code is provided at three-yearly intervals.

Guide to Good Practice (February 2018)

This document is a supplement to the ‘Port Marine Safety Code’. It contains more detailed guidance on issues relevant to harbour authorities. It is designed to provide general guidance and examples of how a harbour authority can meet its commitments in terms of compliance with the code. The guidance applies to all harbour authorities, marinas and marine facilities in the UK that have statutory powers and duties.

This guide should not be viewed as the only means of complying with the code.